MYSUN supports organisations in advancing their sustainability initiatives.

Be one of the pioneering HEIs in the sustainability movement. Improve your abilities to foster innovation and transformation at your organization while increasing your profile within the sustainability community. Membership in the MYSUN network provides your organization a broad range of best practises and a strong, encouraging group of professional peers, enabling it to be strategic change agents. Join your peers here!

O btain the assistance you require to promote sustainability within your organisation. We establish connections between our members so that you can form dependable bonds and work together to discover answers to the problems on sustainability your organization is facing.  Whether participating in online communities, workshops, webinars, or virtual conferences, you're not alone when you join the MYSUN network!

Give your entire organisation the tools and direction it needs to meet its sustainability goals to save time and resources. There are several materials available to staff, teachers, students, and stakeholders that address all facets of campus sustainability best practises and strategies.

Receive recognition for your commitment to sustainability in HEIs. Through various platforms, MYSUN recognizes the work you do inside and outside campus and shares your achievements with the larger community to motivate and inspire others to accelerate sustainability on campus.


Benefits of MYSUN network membership.


  • MYSUN Connect–This invaluable resource is an online, members-only community that enables you to ask for advice, share expertise and connect with peers working on similar initiatives as you are.

  • MYSUN Conference – MYSUN’s annual conference is the largest stage to share effective models, policies, research, collaborations, and transformative actions that advance sustainability in HEIs and surrounding communities. Member institutions receive special offers for substantially discounted group registrations.

  • Member Directory Listing– Be among the list of who’s who in the campus sustainability community.

  • MYSUN’s Member Logo Place the MYSUN member logo on your website, brochures, and other materials to emphasize your organization’s commitment to campus sustainability.

  • MYSUN Bulletin– Stay up to date with the only specially curated, quarterly news source for the HEIs sustainability community.


  • Campus Sustainability HubDiscover thousands of resources in MYSUN’s online resource library. The Hub is a one-stop-shop for members to access toolkits, publications and other resource collections about all aspects of sustainability in HEIs, from academics to operations to governance.

Professional Development

  • Workshops and Roundtables– MYSUN’s workshops are designed for members to gain knowledge, share best practices, and build supportive relationships with other professionals in the field. Members also receive special offers from MYSUN partners to expand their sustainability expertise and further their professional development.

  • Webinars – Members have access to the entire library of archived webinars to learn about innovative and high-impact approaches for advancing sustainability in HEIs. Covering everything from academics to campus operations, MYSUN webinars enable members to interact and learn from one another without traveling.

  • Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) – MOOC courses for members that will give you a good foundational knowledge across key sustainability topics, including climate change, natural resources use, waste production, water pollution, renewable energy, etc. This MOOC courses comes with MOOC Challenges allow you to test your knowledge and skills with a challenge, project or task with real-life examples and problem-solving.

  • Leadership – Share your experience and expertise by serving on the Advisory Council, or Steering Committee of MYSUN.

  • Job Leads – Get the lead on-campus sustainability job openings or post an opening in our weekly electronic newsletter Bulletin. Job submissions are free to post, but they must be directly related to campus sustainability.



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Prof. Ir. Dr. Aduwati Sali, MYSUN project coordinator


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